The different types of hair materials

I have been in this area for years, according to my knowledge, the materials to make the wigs, toupee and extensions are usually divided into three types, they are human hair, synthetic hair and animal hair.

Chinese Human Hair

Human Hair

According to different origins, there are Chinese hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Burmese hair, Mongolian hair, Vietnamese hair, Russian hair, European hair and so on. Because there is a population of almost 1.4 billion in China, so in the market, the most common hair you see is Chinese hair. The hairs from different origins usually have different features, for example, Chinese hair is a little harder and thicker, while Indian hair and Brazilian hair are softer and thinner. Actually, whether the bundles, closures, wigs or extensions you are buying from the market, they are mostly made with Chinese hair or Indian hair.

Well, human hair is also divided into remy human hair and non-remy human hair. Remy human hair is cut from one single donor or the hair collected that has cuticles aligned in the same direction. While non-remy human hair has disorganized cuticles or destroyed cuticles. Human hair is expensive, the hair products that are made with human hair are much higher than the other two materials.

Kanekalon Synthetic Hair

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair also has three types, there are basically Chinese synthetic hair, Korean synthetic hair and Japanese synthetic hair. Each of them has different hand feeling, glossiness, quality and durability. Chinese synthetic hair is the cheapest among these hair, it is usually used in the wigs for models and sports fans. The most expensive is Japanese synthetic hair, whose price is 3 times the price of synthetic hair from China. The most famous synthetic hair company in Japan is Kanekalon.

Animal Hairs

Animal Hair

There are ox hair, mohair and horse hair.


Human hair has the best hand feeling, it has a natural look, minimal shedding and tangling, human hair can also be dyed, bleached and styled, but its has a very high price and usually the styling shape won’t keep for so long.

Synthetic hair looks brighter, not like your own hair and it has a poor fidelity. You will feel a little itchy when wearing a synthetic hair wig. Wearing synthetic hair will cause more scalp problems. But it is cheap and the styling can keep for a long time.

Animal hair is significantly fluffier than human hair and synthetic hair. Its price is a little higher than synthetic hair. Until now, I have not seen wigs in the market made with animal hair.

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