What is hair weaving?

Human Hair Patterns

Weave, weft and bundle, you may have heard these three words when purchasing hair products online, actually I do not know their difference and always think they are the same products. What is a hair bundle? It is a collection of many hair strands, which are sewn together by machine or hand tied, usually one bundle is 100 grams or customized according to customers’ requirement. Once the bundle being unfolded, then it becomes a weave or weaving in front of your eyes. The best hair weave or bundle in the market is made with raw human hairs whose cuticles aligned in the same direction.

The manufacturing of hair weaves is not simple, from collecting raw hair materials to finished products, there are a series of processes to follow, during the entire processes, will chemicals be used? I think yes, but not too much chemials will be used to wash the hairs just collected. So, I think there are no 100% non-chemical processed hairs in the market.

About the textures or patterns of hair weaves, there are usually three types, straight, wavy and curly, under the categories of wavy and curly, there are other patterns such as water wave, loose wave, deep wave, deep curly, kinky curly. With the help of high-temperature steam and some tools, the wavy and curly patterns are easy to be achieved. But not all patterns from all hair companies can always keep their original status. The wavy or curly patterns on some hairs may become not wavy or curly after being washed.

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